Welcome to Yoga Talk!

YogaTalk is a global community of yoga teachers, students, and studios working together to encourage continued education and personal growth in a supportive and positive learning environment. We believe in connecting people with similar interests in yoga and wellness. Cultivating yoga interests, communities and helping yoga teachers, students and studios are at the core of the YogaTalk mission. We partner with organizations and wellness professionals to create workplaces and environments that are healthier, happier, and sustainably higher performing.

Continuing Education

Yoga is an ever-evolving routine and practice. With YogaTalk platform and resources, you can further enhance your knowledge. Our events are not only a platform for interesting and like-minded individuals to meet one another but also a springboard for discovering and experiencing new things and ideas.

Personal Growth

YogaTalk facilitates engagement with your local community and allows you to both lead events and learn from your fellow teachers. Our yoga and wellness professionals share their life, world and experience by making learning a truly social experience

Corporate Wellness

YogaTalk helps facilitate healthy and mindful workplace environments by partnering with companies to provide wellness and yoga events. Increase productivity and grow your organizations with yoga and wellness events.

Discover New Opportunities

Each year too many yoga teachers quit teaching yoga because they are not able to sustain their livelihood by teaching full time. We are committed to create new business and income opportunities by bringing yoga and wellness to more people at more places around the world.

Creating Communities

YogaTalk helps create local and global communities that are connected through their interest in yoga and wellness. Travel and explore the world while doing what you love. With YogaTalk, you can connect with locals globally.

Reviews and Endorsement

Teachers, speakers, and studios, you can now be recognized for the great work you do and the classes you provide. Students, find the best-reviewed instructors and events in your local community as well as provide reviews for other Yoga Talk members.